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Low time no see

Sometimes I forget that I have this thing. Ah well, its has its purposes. The new layouts are actually pretty nice. I'll try to figure out something to do with thing. Hopefully something useful.

Quiting sucks.

Trying to quit smoking sucks. I really do just wanna drive down to the store and buy a pack. Plus just being in a funk the past few months just makes me want to drive around. And what did I always do while driving? Why smoke of course! Craving nicotine so bad right now.

I just feel so blah and kinda depressed. I hate feeling this disjointed. Nothing seems to flow smoothly. One minute I'm thinking about one thing and the next its something completely different. Kinda like this journal.
Dorney is KICKING MY ASS.... But I love it. Haha, being a supervisor is amazing, even though right now staffing is kinda odd and I have to be on the ride, its still fun. Although Thunderchicken has been pretty cranky lately. Just randomly stopping everything, brakes, lift, etc. Oh well... She's old and probably cranky. And maintenance is pretty good about responsding... Most of the time. But its nothing anything really major.

Still the work is exhausting but SO worth it.

Little tiny needle... SO MUCH PAIN.

I really hate getting vaccine shots. Whatever arm I get the shot in is completely sore for the rest of the day to the point I can't use it. Which makes driving...interesting. Haha, guess I just have bad luck. And I have two more shots to look forward to! Yay...not.
Random tidbit: I kinda want another doll.
...I found a twenty in my bra just now. Totally I forgot I put it in there this morning. HAPPY DAY!
Hm? What is this? Snow on my porch? In April no less? Oh mother nature you're so silly.
I need a cigarette so bad right now... I hate clothes shopping. I don't know why I ever expect things to look decent on me.
I love how magnificently I fail when I try to do anything. Really its a amazing. I don't know why I even try anymore.

Pointless Post

Ouch... My back hurts. Alot. Probably from sitting in a crappy chair.
I BURNT my finger today at work... Even though I work outside in the SNOW... What the hell? Fucking poptart. Atleast the job is fun.  Getting paid to have snowball fights? NOTHING BETTER.